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Are you on holidays or a resident on this beautiful island that we call Curacao?

Do you need some extra help with your training or with your nutrition?
If that is the case, then Tristhetics is THE perfect way to reach your goals.

All the clients of Tristhetics Performance & Lifestyle achieve amazing results in a short period of time! It doesn’t matter if your old or young, if you have short term – or long term goals, at Tristhetics you’re at the right spot. You set the goals and Tristhetics will provide the tools. Together we will fight to the very end and we won’t stop until we reach the finish.

At Tristhetics we achieve progress, not perfection!




Personal Training.

60 minutes training

price per month
1 session a week
140 $ / 250 Nafl
2 sessions a week
260 $ / 470 Nafl
3 sessions a week
360 $ / 650 Nafl
4 sessions a week
440 $ / 790 Nafl


30 minuten training

price per month
1 session a week
90 $ / 160 Nafl
2 sessions a week
170 $ / 305 Nafl
3 sessions a week
240 $ / 430 Nafl
4 sessions a week
300 $ / 540 Nafl

Duo training.

60 minutes training

price per month
1 session a week
220 $ / 395 Nafl
2 sessions a week
400 $ / 720 Nafl
3 sessions a week
540 $ / 970 Nafl
4 sessions a week
640 $ / 1150 Nafl

30 minutes training

price per month
1 session a week
150 $ / 265 Nafl
2 sessions a week
280 $ / 500 Nafl
3 sessions a week
390 $ / 695 Nafl
4 sessions a week
480 $ / 855 Nafl


At Tristhetics Performance & Lifestyle, client is king and we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. That is the main reason we choose not to let you come to us, but we will come to you. We provide training in the comfort of you own home, an environment where you can feel the most comfortable and where you can give extra effort in your workouts.

Tristhetics Performance & Lifestyle is very flexible as well. If you are member of a local gym, it might be possible for us to train you at your own gym. We will contact the gym in advance to arrange a quality program for you.

During our first intake meeting we will discuss a variety of things. The most important thing for us is to get to know you, and for you to get to know your trainer. We want to know what your goal(s) is/are and what motivates you. After our intake meeting we will start making the necessary appointments for the training sessions.

First training.
Before we start working out, we are going to conduct a fitness assessment. The way we do this is by measuring the following:

  • Weight;
  • Length;
  • Fat percentage;
  • Circumference of your body parts.

This will help in planning your goals and program to ensure you reach your goals and more!

No matter your goal, nutrition is the most important part of your process. If your diet doesn’t connect with your training, the results will be minimal. At Tristhetics we give advice and we will make personalized nutrition plans that fit your needs.




Meet your trainer.

Tristano has been active in sports since a very young age. You name a sport and he’s done it. At an age of 10, Tristano started doing artistic gymnastics and has competed for 15 consecutive years on a Dutch National level, until he even became National Champion of The Netherlands.

His passion to motivate and help others with athletics, fitness, and health has grown throughout the years. Thanks to this passion he studied at the Sports College in Tilburg and received his Bachelor as a 1st degree Physical Education teacher.

After his collegiate years Tristano began working as a teacher at schools and as a personal trainer in fitness clubs, where he helped others train and gave them personal attention during their workouts.

If you promise to give a 100% dedication to your program, then Tristano promises to give you his full and undivided attention and to help you step by step during your journey to a better and improved you.



If you still have some question marks we are willing to give you some more information. If you fill in our contact form with your questions or comments, we will try to contact you within 24 hours.

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